How to Make Money from Home During the Pandemic

No one could have predicted the way the coronavirus pandemic would affect our world a few short months ago. We had never experienced, in our lifetime, anything remotely like the global pandemic that required an almost complete shutdown of our economy. Unemployment is at a record-breaking high, and many are struggling to figure out how to manage without a steady job.

Working from home was once a cringe-worthy phrase as it conjured up scams that promised hundreds of dollars of a day working from home, once you coughed up all the hidden costs associated with your new job. The job usually consisted of selling products in some type of pyramid scheme or working for pennies doing mundane tasks from your computer. Making significant money from home was a rare occurrence until technology opened doors for those with marketable skills to sell their skills online.

Technology and a changing workforce had redefined working from home, even before COVID-19 became part of our terminology. Over fifty million people in the U.S. were doing some type of freelance work from home, before the pandemic. With so many people already working in the gig economy, the infrastructure was in place when many companies needed to allow their employees to work from home during the pandemic.

How to make money from home

If you are seeking to make money from home during the pandemic, there are an almost infinite number of opportunities. The first step is knowing your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Once you have taken a little time to reflect on the things you like to do, you are ready to start your search for online opportunities to make money.

You can run your own business from home. The opportunities are limitless, but some ideas include:

  • Start a business teaching or tutoring students online.
  • Start a doggie daycare or if you have the room, board dogs whose owners need to go out of town. Be sure and check on insurance requirements and follow all state and local regulations.
  • Design gift baskets or other crafts for sale. For those who are crafty, they often fail to realize the market for their wares. Many people lack the creative skill or time needed to create personalized crafts or gift baskets.
  • Start your own business as a design consultant. If you are one of those people who can walk into a room and immediately tell what it needs to give it that perfect, finished look, then you would probably make a great design consultant.

Running your own business not only allows you to make money while working from home but also gives you freedom and flexibility to set your hours and the freedom to do a job you genuinely enjoy. One word of caution is that the online world is full of con-artists and scammers, so use caution to weed out those looking to take advantage of newcomers to the online business world.

Freelancing from home during the pandemic

If you have a marketable skill, you may want to try your hand at freelance work. There are two paths to get started as a freelancer. You can use your contacts and marketing skills to find clients, or you can use one of the reputable platforms that now specialize in matching freelancers with those looking to purchase those skills. Many freelancers use a combination of both to get their business started.

Some of the areas where freelancers are thriving while working from home include:

  • Virtual Assistant (VA)—a virtual assistant offers administrative support in a range of businesses. Primary responsibilities include things like answering phone calls, calendar management, document creation, and managing social media accounts.
  • Marketing Consultant—this field is hot right now as marketing becomes more critical than ever for the success of a business.
  • Graphic Designer—create a portfolio and get started if you are skilled in creating infographics, designing webpages, or producing designs for print.
  • Social Media Coordinator—Businesses realize the benefits of having an active and engaging social media account. You can build a full-time career out of managing those accounts if you are skilled in using social media to drive traffic to a particular website.
  • Translator—if you speak more than one language fluently, there is a huge demand for translators in the global economy. You can take a test to receive your certification, making your language skills even more valuable.
  • Copywriter—a copywriter specializes in writing content for business webpages and product and service descriptions.
  • Cybersecurity specialist—if you are familiar with the world of cybersecurity, then there are companies clamoring for your services. As more and more businesses create or expand their online presence, and hackers gain sophistication, the demand for cybersecurity specialists has been increasing for some time with no signs of slowing down.
  • Web developers—those who can code and build websites can make an easy jump to freelancing. Every person and business seems to want their own website, but few have the technical knowledge to make it functional with a sleek design.