Companies Hiring in Canada for Work from Home Jobs

The gig economy was in a period of rapid growth when the pandemic led to many companies going to a work-from-home business model. Millions of workers are working from their homes, using technological advances to do jobs that were once considered impossible to do efficiently from home.

Many experts expect that even once things return to normal, the traditional workforce may have changed forever. There are advantages to working from home for both employees and employers.  Employees save time and money by not having to commute, eat out for lunch, and some are saving on childcare expenses. Employees can work from home when feeling under the weather without the risk of spreading a virus to other members of the company, which benefits both employers and employees.

Employers can spend less on office space, energy bills, office furniture and still have a productive workforce. Employers are also learning that employees are often more productive without the distractions of the work environment, and employees are more creative in their solutions when free to work wherever they are most comfortable.

The pandemic has brought about an economic downturn, leading to record unemployment numbers. However, finding a job working from home is easier than ever, thanks to the internet.  Use reputable sites when searching for work from home jobs and always be cautious of scammers. Legitimate websites that list work from home jobs in Canada do not charge a fee and be wary of hidden costs to match you with a job.

Companies in Canada hiring for work from home jobs

  • MakerKids—the company is located in Ontario, Canada, and is looking for work from home instructors to teach and entertain kids online with theatre, crafting projects, and more.
  • Concentra Solutions—the company is hiring loan processing assistants to work from home. The requirements include a quiet work area free from noise and distractions and a high-speed internet connection. The job requires typing experience, some technical knowledge, and excellent phone skills.
  • Global Mentoring Solutions—The company is hiring for full-time positions as a help desk analyst. The job entails handling IT support to customers through phone, email, and chat and requires that you be a Canadian citizen and experience working as an IT specialist or as an IT help desk analyst.
  • Sutherland—is hiring a work from home customer care support specialist for temporary jobs. The ability to multi-task and work history in customer care is needed.
  • Artage Portraits—is hiring an executive assistant to handle correspondence from clients, spend time on the phone, helping clients, online research, and the use of QuickBooks software.
  • Advanis—hires telephone research interviewers. You need a landline and a headset with a noise-canceling microphone. The company pays for all required training and then pays by the hour.
  • CTS Language Link—If you are bilingual, there are many opportunities to use your knowledge of a different language in a work-from-home job. CTS Language Link uses those who know two or more languages to work remotely for their call center and allow a flexible schedule that includes 24/7 operations. The company does require a proficiency test in English and the target language plus two years of experience as an interpreter.
  • goFluent—offers work from home jobs in Canada for those who are proficient in more than one language. Your work schedule will be four hours per day, five days a week, with flexibility in what four hours you will work. The job is a Business English Trainer, teaching those for whom Engish is a second language to speak English for business purposes.
  • Transcom—the company, hires Home Agent Customer Care Representatives from anywhere in Canada. To be considered, you must complete an employment screening that takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

The jobs listed above are a small portion of the current positions available in Canada for those who wish to work from home. These companies frequently add new jobs, so check their websites for the latest information.

Working from home in Canada also means not having to commute, which is nice anytime, but especially helpful on brutal winter days. The time you save with not having to commute can add precious hours to your day to do other things that matter, and the cost savings can add up to thousands of dollars a year. The cost savings of working from home is something to consider when deciding if a work from home job is right for you.