5 Fun and Easy Online Side Jobs You Can Do From Home


Having a side hustle is becoming a common thing for people looking to increase their income by taking advantage of the gig economy. Technology, social media, and high-speed internet have made it easy to find creative ways to earn money from home. Few things are as pleasurable as taking something you enjoy and learning how to make money doing it.

Easy online side jobs you can do from home

    • Twitch—

      Twitch has become the premier go-to platform for gamers, and gamers are finding creative ways to monetize their gaming by using the platform. A few elite users’ are making seven-figure incomes on the site, but these people have sponsorships and tens of thousands of followers. A more modest side income is an attainable goal for gamers who invest the time to build an audience. Once you have an engaged audience, add a donate button to your site, and Twitch users can show their appreciation by sending a little cash as a way of saying thanks.  Small donations can add up to a nice side income when enough of your followers are routinely donating.

  • Tik Tok—

As with any platform, the key to making money on Tik Tok is to build a large following. To do so, you are going to need talent, hard work, and the ability to find a popular niche for your expertise. Engage with your audience and consistently add fresh content. Tik Tok users make money by becoming influencers with paid sponsorships, live streaming, and earning “coins” users can purchase and then tip others. The most realistic way to monetize Tik Tok is to use it to promote your products. Whether you offer customized t-shirts or white water rafting trips, Tik Tok videos are a terrific and free way to promote your business.a


  • YouTube—

    YouTube is one of the easiest platforms to monetize, but competition is fierce. Your best bet is to create instructional how-to videos for a specific niche such as gaming, cooking, or crafting. To start earning money, you need to set up your channel with great starting content. Use other social media sites to attract an audience to your channel because you need at least ten thousand total views before you can start earning money. You will have the option to monetize your videos by clicking the “monetize with ads” button. The larger your audience, the better your payment for ad space will be.

  • Write for Medium—

    Medium is an online publishing platform that provides a simple, easy to use space to publish your writing. Subscribers pay $5.00 per month for full access to the site, and you are paid per the number of reads each article or blog posts receive. You can publish your writing yourself, or submit it to one of the thousands of publications on Medium. If you enjoy writing, Medium is one of the easiest ways to get paida for writing what you want to write.

  • Freelance your skills—

    whatever your skills, people, and companies are willing to pay skilled freelancers to do the work for them. Numerous reputable freelancer platforms help connect you with potential clients. Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are among the most significant platforms, and freelancers are earning money doing things like website design, graphic design, writing, being a virtual assistant, or a copywriter.

  • Set up your website for your business—

    Use social media to set up your own online business doing things like interior design, party planning, photography, or tutoring. If you have a substantial social media following, that and word of mouth might be the only advertising you need for a fun side gig doing what you love. If you want to grow your business, then learn a little about marketing and SEO best practices to help your website appear higher in search engine results.


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